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Here's an interview that I did with Matthew "Hellboy" Smith, the creator/owner of the informative and entertaining Tool fan site BMB:  How did you become a fan of Tool's music?  Do you remember the first time you heard them (album, CD, radio?)  And when and where was the first time you heard them live? MATT:  I remember reading about Tool before I'd actually heard them in the now defunct Australian magazine Hot Metal.  Not long after, I heard Sober on the radio but never really went further with the band.  Fast forward a few years, and I remember hearing Stinkfist on...


TOOL NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2018 E.V.  A few weeks ago I visited Los Angeles to take care of some book-related business.  While there for a couple of days, I also was hoping to have a listen to some of the new Tool music.  Although I had been exposed to plenty of the new stuff recorded at the loft, I hadn‚Äôt heard anything that was tracked in the studio.      While driving through the Inland Empire, I received a text from Danny informing me that he was currently on his way to Marina Del Rey, where he had made arrangements to be taken by...


STUDIO UPDATE: On Monday, October 8th at 1:35 AM I received an enthusiastic text message from Danny.  Without going into specifics, he REALLY liked what he heard in the studio that night.  Therefore, I assume that the recording progress is going quite well for everyone involved.   CoSM 14th Annual Masquerade Ball Saturday, October 27 TOOL EUROPE TOUR 2019SUNDAY, JUNE 2 @ MERCEDES-BENZ ARENA ‚Äì BERLIN, GERMANY ON SALE FRIDAY, OCT. 26 (9 am local)   TUESDAY, JUNE 4 @ O2 ARENA ‚Äì PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC ON SALE FRIDAY, OCT, 26...


TOOL NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2018 E.V. In a couple of weeks I will be heading into Los Angeles to take care of some business regarding a couple of joint book projects with Danny.  While there I will drop into the studio (taking Adam up on his recent invite) where the guys have been tracking to see how things are going and listen to some great prog-metal.   Of course getting this Toolband update means securing a rental vehicle, dodging falling Prothonotary warblers that have been fried to a crispy char from the Ivanpah Solar Plant at the Nevada state line, filling up...


 I hope you will agree that this message from John Ziegler makes for one helluva newsletter"  "So just last night after watching the bros throw down for the Doug Webb gig, I got on stage and brother Jamie actually let me play some guitar! This is huge for me and hopefully there's a light at the end of this damn tunnel! Thanx again bro! Cheers and luv all y'all!"